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What is Oculoplastic Surgery?

Oculoplastic Surgery Also known as ophthalmic plastic surgery, oculoplastic surgery is a high-specialised field of medicine which concerns the plastic and reconstructive surgery of the orbit (bony socket), the tear ducts and the eyelids, as well as cosmetic surgery of the brows and eyelids. As a surgical subspecialty of ophthalmology, oculoplastic surgery entails the medical …

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What is Presbyopia?

What is Presbyopia? Presbyopia is an age-related eyesight impairment which causes your eyes to gradually lose their ability to focus on close objects. As a common and often irritating aspect of the natural ageing process, the condition becomes noticeable in patients in their early to mid-forties. Symptoms gradually worsen throughout this period until the age …

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What is Long Sightedness?

What is Long Sightedness? Long sightedness (also known as hypermetropia, or hyperopia) is one of the most common eyesight impairments experienced by patients the world over. The common nature of the condition means that a range of surgery and other treatment options are available. In most people’s eyeballs, seeing objects at a distance any further …

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