Electrolysis Of Ingrown Eye Lashes

Misdirected eyelashes have the potential to scratch the cornea’s surface, leading to persistent irritation and the risk of infection.
We offer effective solutions for the removal of misdirected or in-turning eyelashes that can cause discomfort, irritation, and pain.

Depending on the number of ingrown lashes and their location along the eyelid, they can be managed by pulling the lash out using forceps (epilation). However, when plucked out the lash usually grows back within 4-6 weeks.
For a more permanent solution, we offer Electrolysis treatment, during which a low electric current is used to destroy the lash root. This prevents the misdirected eyelash from growing back, providing long-term relief.

Mr Sri Kamalarajah
Oculoplastic Surgeon

Mr Kamalarajah will carry out a consultation and physical examination of the eyelids to ensure that electrolysis is the most suitable treatment for you.

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