May 29, 2019 | Cathedral Eye Clinic

Day: May 29, 2019

What is Lens Replacement Surgery - Cathedral Eye Clininc

What is Lens Replacement Surgery?

Lens Replacement Surgery Lens replacement surgery comes in a variety of forms. However, all forms of this treatment can reduce your dependency on prescription glasses or corrective contact lenses, whilst guaranteeing the highest levels of safety. Lens replacement surgery is a particularly popular treatment path and can treat myopia (also known as ‘short-sightedness’), hyperopia (also …

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Looking after your eyes - Cathedral Eye Clinic

How Can I Look After My Eyes?

Protecting Your Eyes The importance of protecting your eyes is often underestimated. Your eyes are an extremely important part of your body – and not just for seeing. Indeed, many healthcare practitioners acknowledge that our eyes provide an effective window into the state of our body, offering an often accurate impression of our overall health. …

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What are Cataracts? And the Symptoms - Cathedral Eye Clinic

Cataract Symptoms and Treatment

What are Cataracts? Put simply, a cataract is an eye condition which causes a clouding of the normally-clear lens of the eye. As one of the most common eyesight impairments facing patients in the UK, cataract symptoms are well documented. Cathedral Eye Clinic offer a range of surgeries and other treatments to treat cataracts and …

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