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Advanced Laser Technology at Cathedral Eye Clinic

At Cathedral Eye Clinic, we pride ourselves in offering our patients some of the most advanced examples of laser technology in Ireland. Whilst our ophthalmologists and optometrists bring considerable skills and experience to our facilities, we continue to enhance our offering by continuously looking towards new eye surgery technology.

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The team at Cathedral Eye Clinic were delighted to be the first facility to introduce and currently the only clinic to offer VisuMax SMILE Laser Eye Surgery within Ireland, furthering our reputation as a national leader in laser technology. Introducing this laser technology realised our goal of offering Ireland the most advanced treatments possible, ensuring the safest possible procedure whilst enabling athletes to achieve an optimal outcome without the need for corrective lenses. 

Short for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, the procedure uses one Femtosecond laser, penetrating the surface of the cornea without making any incision, focusing on the deeper part of the corner to carve out a lenticule.

This isn’t the first time Cathedral Eye Clinic have broken ground with new eye surgery technology and the latest eye surgery for correction. Indeed, our facility was the first in Ireland to introduce the famous Schwind laser, allowing us to obtain unrivalled results for patients for over six years. Introducing this laser technology has allowed us to deliver consistently strong results without compromising on safety – a revolution in the field of laser eye surgery.

By introducing the VisuMax SMILE Laser, however, Cathedral Eye Clinic has allowed prospective patients in Ireland to avail of the island’s first ever femto-only laser eye surgery for correction, effectively reshaping the cornea without disturbing the eye’s surface. This offers unrivalled comfort and vision recovery, enabling both top class and amateur athletes the opportunity to return to their passion without delay. To date, this procedure has been performed on more than 2 million eyes. 

SMILE Laser Eye Surgery allows patients to achieve the visual result of LASIK eye surgery without the associated risks of postoperative flap disruption which can occur during contact sports or the impact of surface PRK and LASIK upon the delicate corneal nerve structures and hence increased risk of dry eye problems. This revolutionary system is changing the refractive surgery industry with its accuracy, quick pace and minimally-invasive treatment method.  

Schwind Amaris Total-Tech Laser

Introducing the Schwind Amaris laser: the new eye surgery technology which offers the potential to treat eyesight conditions without removing a layer of superficial epithelium, treating the cornea through the epithelial surface – without the need for alcohol removal. Whilst guaranteeing a minimally-invasive procedure, the non-touch ‘transepithelial approach’ guarantees the speediest possible recovery.

As an example of the latest eye surgery for correction, the Schwind Amaris is the first laser technology of its kind to combine several cutting-edge technologies into one system. This enables the laser to use topography-guided treatments using 1000s of corneal points to guide the laser with unparalleled accuracy. 

The innovative Turbo eye tracker built into this laser technology considers limbus and pupil tracking, as well as advanced cyclotorsion control and rotation balance, anticipating any potential movement in the patient’s eye. With regular checks on the eye taking place 1050 times per second, the tracker can effectively react to any potential eye movement within 3 thousandths of a second, guaranteeing the highest possible levels of patient safety. 

Leaders at Cathedral Eye Clinic have conducted extensive independent research into the efficacy and accuracy of the Schwind Amaris Total-Tech Laser. The consistently positive results have been detailed in a number of prestigious ophthalmologic peer-reviewed journals (feel free to consult this research via the links below). 

Tear Osmolarity Test

Tear Osmolarity Tests come as one of the most advanced and accurate treatments available in the world today. The state-of-the-art programme promises to revolutionise the treatment of patients suffering from ‘dry eye disease’ – one of the most commonly seen eye conditions at Cathedral Eye Clinic. 

With more than 4 million patients in the UK suffering from dry eye syndrome, Tear Osmolarity Tests promise to offer earlier diagnosis of dry eye conditions – raising the probability of successful treatment and recovery. Prior to the introduction of Tear Osmolarity Tests, dry eye disease was difficult to diagnose through traditional clinical methods. 

Dry eye disease can be a symptom of getting older which increasingly affects those aged 50+ and is often difficult to diagnose through traditional lab testing methods or utilising a variety of clinical and diagnostic tests. Indeed, independent research demonstrates that Tear Osmolarity Tests outperform traditional assessments in both identifying and measuring the severity of the condition.


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