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Example Before Treatment Example After Treatment
Example Before Treatment Example After Treatment

What is SMILE Laser Surgery?

How Does SMILE Laser Surgery Work?

SMILE vs LASIK: What Are The Differences?

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Benefits of VisuMax SMILE Laser Treatment

Cathedral Eye Clinic are proud to be the first and only facility in Ireland to offer VisuMax’s revolutionary SMILE procedure. The benefits of SMILE Laser Eye Surgery include:

  • Improved stability of the cornea: SMILE’s small incision allows improved biomechanical stability compared to that offered by LASIK surgery (thanks to the absence of a corneal flap in the operation).

  • No more dry eyes: Laser eye treatments often lead to the development of dry eye symptoms. However, the minimally-invasive nature of SMILE drastically reduces the chances of this occurring.

  • Reduced chances of further surgery: SMILE’s minimally-invasive nature drastically reduces the chances of complications which may occur in other procedures, such as LASIK.

  • Comfortable experience: From beginning to end, SMILE takes approximately ten minutes per eye, with the lasering element of the operation taking roughly 25 seconds to complete. This can be enjoyed in the comfort of our sterile, secure and comfortable facility.

  • Less invasive: SMILE is the most minimally-invasive eye procedure available in modern medicine, with a tiny 2mm keyhole incision.

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I took my mum here this morning and I have to say, everything was fantastic. The staff were so helpful to not just my mum but to me also. Professor Moore kindly decided to treat her eye today, which saved us a return visit. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone.

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- Denise Gordan
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VisuMax SMILE: A Timeline of Success

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