Clear vision, clear payments.


Including Aftercare & Medication Required

Laser Surgery Pathway Package

£ 2000-2700 Per Eye
  • Complimentary Initial Appointment to Assess Suitability for Treatment
  • + £200 Consultation with Surgeon
  • One year complimentary Aftercare with an Optometrist*

Cataract Pathway Package

£ 2895 Per Eye
  • + £180-£240 Consultation with Surgeon
  • One year complimentary Aftercare with an Optometrist*
  • ...

Multifocal Lens Surgery Package

£ 3600-4100 Per Eye
  • Complimentary Initial Appointment to Assess Suitability for Treatment
  • + £200 Consultation with Surgeon
  • One year complimentary Aftercare with an Optometrist*

Emsella Treatment Package

£ 1,000
  • Treats incontinence.
  • Includes 6 treatment sessions
  • Achieve Optimal Results
  • ...

*Complimentary care with our Optometry team for one year following surgery, additional treatments or appointments with consultants may incur additional costs

A laser procedure called YAG laser capsulotomy is occasionally required to sharpen vision 6 months to 3 years after cataract / lens surgery.

The formation of a secondary cataract can occur – a condition where the skin of the old lens becomes cloudy. About one in five patients will suffer this complication in the two years following surgery.

It is easily treated with a straight-forward laser treatment (YAG laser capsulotomy) while you are fully awake and sitting in a chair. No anaesthetic is needed. The total charge for this procedure and review (including initial consultation) is £450 unilateral and £800 bilateral. Please note that this will be in addition to the fee paid for your procedure.

Of course, the very best way to determine specific prices will be to book an appointment with us, after which we will determine the specific treatment recommended and the indicative cost.

Why Choose Cathedral Eye Clinic?

Our Patient Care Team is focused on helping you every single step of the way. No questions are left unanswered. Care, safety and certainty are key principles, which will be tangible to you when in contact with any of our Patient Care and Nursing team members.

Our highly experienced optometrists are scrupulous in their testing, pre-assessments, advice and overall optical care. You will note that we spend a great deal of time with you before your operation. We have invested in the latest and best technology to ensure your vision is comprehensively examined.

Our globally-recognised, yet locally-based consultant surgeons are highly personable and are dedicated to selecting treatments (based on the complete analysis of your vision) that are completely tailored to your personal visual needs. The consultancy teams combined experience of over 200 years and their spanning across all eye specialisms makes Cathedral Eye Clinic unrivalled in delivering comprehensive eye care solutions and a vast array of treatments.

Our prices also include after care packages that are included in the overall price of your treatment. Overseen by your individual surgeon – who will reside in Northern Ireland – in accordance with our optometry team, your post-operative pathway will be unparalleled and highly accommodating. Many other facilities offering eye laser surgery or lens replacement treatments frequently add extra charges for essential post-operative checks. So, check the small print and compare with Cathedral Eye Clinic – your hidden-cost-free option for laser surgery and other eye treatments.

We also conduct ongoing and thorough research into our surgical outcomes to ensure that our patients’ visual results are fully optimised, and we keep improving further and further.

Cathedral Eye Clinic also conducts intense research into innovative, best-in-class equipment that allow the best surgeons we can find to perform even better.

In the unlikely event that you should require additional surgery, we will ensure that you receive this at no additional cost, guaranteed.


Opting to undergo laser eye surgery is a significant decision for any patient to make, with many considerations to bear in mind for the lifestyle you enjoy – and, of course, the money in your pocket.

That is why Cathedral Eye Clinic believe in making our laser eye surgery prices affordable to all. Similarly, Cathedral Eye Clinic believe in making that all-important decision-making process both simple and easy. In order to ensure that all patients can access the treatments they need, our treatment plans offer:

  • Interest-free finance for 24 months
  • 9.9% APR for paying over 3 to 5 years
  • Treatments from less than £2.33 per day

*Representative example: 

Treatment £2100

Deposit £400 (can be flexible – from £100 upwards).

Finance on £1,700, repayable over 2 years = £70.83 per month (daily equivalent £2.33*). 

We can, of course, discuss other finance options that can reduce the daily costs spread over a longer time period.

* The average cost for a medium cappuccino in the UK, via UCC Coffee October 2022, is £2.47.