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Why Patients Love Cathedral Eye Clinic

We understand fully the importance of listening to other patients’ experiences at our Clinic. We have assembled below a collage of video testimonials from previous patients that should help put your mind at ease and may even answer some of your questions/apprehensions.

You can also feel free to read through our patient reviews on Trustpilot  for some additional comfort and knowledge.

Laser Eye Surgery Patients

Cathedral Eye Clinic offer a variety of refractive surgery options, including LASIK, ICL Lens Implantation and Ireland’s first and only VisuMax SMILE laser treatment.

Laura Gilmore

My parents had laser eye surgery 10 years before me. I was too young, and my eyes were still deteriorating, so I had to wait …

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Jessica Mcintyre - Cathedral Eye Clinic Patient Testimonial

Jessica McIntyre

Jessica Mcintyre who is an Ireland International Horse Event Rider tells us about how her SMILE treatment has changed her life.

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Jessica - Cathedral Eye Clinic Patient Testimonial

Jessica McKibbin

SMILE Patient Jessica Mckibbon talks to us about how the treatment has helped her with sports.

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Cataract and Lens Surgery Patients

Cathedral Eye Clinic offer considerable experience and expertise around the diagnosis and treatment of cataracts, as well as monofocal and multifocal lenses.

Brendan Brennan

‘I got my life back after cataract removal’ A County Cork pensioner has urged anyone suffering from cataracts to use a cross-border scheme for treatment. …

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Jeanette Thompson - Cathedral Eye Clinic Patient Testimonial

Jeanette Thompson

The sun light fell into the room from the window above the table and onto Jeanette Thompson’s smiling face, unable to disguise her happiness. The …

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Liesl Parker - Cathedral Eye Clinic Patient Testimonial

Liesl Parker

Liesl Parker’s quality of vision was deteriorating rapidly, to the point where she was finding it difficult to teach and complete everyday tasks. Liesl called …

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