Eye Nutrients Natural Solutions to Maintain Eye Health.

A natural Omega 3 & 7 supplement to combat dry eye. The blend of natural oils is industry leading in levels of Omega 3 & natural oils, proven to be 155% more stable than conventional Omega 3 products.

What are the advantages of using Eye Nutrients?

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Download our dedicated presentation on the treatment of Dry Eyes


Download our presentation on the Ingredients of Eye Nutrients
100% Natural Superior Quality Omega Product
Available as a capsule or a liquid


Professor Johnny Moore FRCOphth, PhD.

Prof Moore is a Consultant Ophthalmologist and the Clinical Director of Cathedral Eye Clinic, a facility that is synonymous with Quality, Care, and Excellence. The therapeutic effects of Omega 3 for treating Dry Eye are much more well known now.

In 2015 wishing his patients to have access to supplements of the highest quality, that the current Dry Eye supplement market couldn’t provide. Professor Moore wanted his patients to have an Omega 3 supplement that would meet 3 key factors:

➤ Use a quality oil, that was not ‘off’ smelling, and tasting poor.
➤ Use in a high dose, to further improve effects
➤ Use everyday for long enough to see positive effects

An Omega 3 Dry Eye supplement of superior quality and stability was needed to give patients and their clinicians confidence in the therapeutic value, with no negative side effects.

A natural solution to Dry Eye was needed.


Made from Quality Deep Ocean Icelandic Fish Oil, Cold pressed Italian Olive Oil and Pure Spanish Lemon Oil.

Scientifically proven process of stabilising using 100% Natural Ingredients to make a better Natural Stable Omega Supplement. 

Specifically designed for the treatment of Dry Eye.

Our unique process focuses on fresh quality Oil to create an almost completely flavourless liquid.

Created and designed by a partnership of leading Omega experts and Opthlmologist Professor Johnny Moore.

100% Pure and Natural ingredients with no additives in the Triglyceride from & free from any detectable contaminants.

Increased stability means no fishy taste or side effects does not oxidise and is therefore safer & more effective.

Now in NEW sustainable recyclable FDA approved packaging.

A natural blend of oils providing high levels of EPA, DPA & DPH with Health Benefits from both the Artic and Mediterranean diets.

Full traceability and sustainability with all fish caught within managed fishing grounds.


Eye Nutrients advances the standard therapeutic quality of Omega3 with much higher stability.

So, lower recommended doses are necessary to get the same effect.