Professor Jonathan Moore

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon & Clinical Director


Professor Johnny Moore is a highly respected Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon and Clinical Director of Cathedral Eye Clinic, specialising in ocular surface reconstruction, laser refractive surgery, cataract and other intra-ocular eye surgery and has personally completed approximately 25,000 treatments.

Johnny completed a medical degree from Queens University Belfast (QUB), trained in ophthalmology in the Department of Ophthalmology, Belfast before gaining a fellowship in Flinders hospital South Australia and then a PhD in Ophthalmology from QUB after spending a year in a research fellowship position in Harvard Medical School, Boston under the tutelage of Professor Tony Adamis and Professor Dimitri Azar. 

Since 2007 Johnny has been in a consultant ophthalmology position in the Mater Hospital, Belfast Trust, where he has developed and ran the anterior segment service, introducing and developing new technical procedures such as DSAEK procedures, INTACs, Crosslinking, topography guided laser treatments to manage irregular corneal astigmatism and opacities, novel pterygium operative techniques, mechanisms to manage more accurately IOL power predictions after corneal refractive treatments and more recently the use of fingertip blood to manage chronic non healing corneal ulcers.

In addition to performing surgery, Johnny was involved in teaching, training and helping to run an online PGDip/MSc Cataract and Refractive Surgery course through the University of Ulster. This course is designed to train surgeons, optometrists, laser technicians and others involved in this area from around the world in the intricacies of laser and refractive cataract surgery. Johnny has also developed an online surgical training video website designed to be an online resource for researchers, students and industrialists interested in the fields of cataract surgery.  The aim of this website is to create a high level of teaching and training in cataract surgery freely with particular emphasis on high level teaching to anyone in 3rd world countries.

Johnny and the Clinic also has a strong commitment to evidence based research to improve patient care and The Cathedral Eye Research Foundation has sponsored numerous research activities over the years including sponsorship of Dr Victoria McGilligan’s secondment to colleagues in Harvard Medical School Boston

Johnny himself has also been actively involved in research at the University of Ulster in the development of novel genetic tools designed to manage various corneal and ocular surface pathologies. He is a Visiting professor at Tainjin Medical University Eye Hospital, Tianjin, China.  Johnny sits on various boards and panels including the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, where he sets examination papers, and is a medical examiner on a yearly basis. Currently, Johnny is an active reviewer for many different international ophthalmic journals.

Significant publications have been achieved due to a result of the research efforts of Johnny and collaborators.

In March 2019 Prof Moore presented on a number of specialist topics at the 26th BSRS Annual Scientific Congress in The Belfry at the end of March. The British Society for Refractive Surgery (BSRS) is a specialist forum for Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and others involved in all forms of refractive eye surgery. The Society enables Specialists to exchange scientific information allowing members to keep abreast of developments.

In December 2018, Prof Moore was honoured to be presented with his Visiting Professorship at Tianjin Medical University by Prof. Li Xiaorong, Director of the University, Eye Hospital, the School of Optometry and Ophthalmology and Tianjin Medical University Eye Institute. To mark the occasion, Prof. Moore provided a customary lecture on Intraocular Lens Technology and was presented with a beautiful, personalised gift by Prof. Xiaorong and his colleagues … overall, a truly honourable experience for our Clinical lead.

In June 2018, Cathedral Eye Clinic welcomed a Chinese delegation led by Professor Shuxin Wang, the Vice President of Tianjin University and Director of the Medical Robot Joint Research Centre, to discuss the highly innovative topic of the use of robotics in eye surgery. Over the previous number of months, Professor Moore, Clinical Director, had been keenly discussing future advancements with Dr Yan Jin, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the Centre for Intelligent and Autonomous Manufacturing Systems School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Queen’s University, Belfast. The visit allowed Professor Moore the opportunity to explore the possibilities and to contribute to medical futures in the ophthalmology sector.

Prof Moore is also heavily and actively involved in working with charities such as Khmer Sight Foundation in Cambodia and the Christian Blind Mission in Zimbabwe.