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Book A Complimentary Video Appointment

Take the first step to restoring your vision without leaving your home with a free video appointment.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Cathedral Eye Clinic has remained accessible at all times to community optometrists and to the general public to ensure that patients can receive emergency or essential eye care (more information can be found at

Every day we carefully follow guidance from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and the College of Optometrists to ensure our patients and staff are safe and protected. This is always our top priority.

We also understand that in these difficult times that you do not want to put your life on hold.

We are, therefore, now offering video and telephone appointments. These appointments will allow you to ask any questions of us and can get a clearer answer on potential treatment options – from the safety and comfort of your home.

Over the last number of weeks, you may have been thinking ever more about receiving optimised vision and to remove the limitations, inconveniences and risks associated with glasses and contact lenses.

Our 20-minute video appointments can start you on the journey to new-found vision, whilst assuring a much quicker consultation with your potential Consultant Surgeon when we re-open.

We look forward to talking to you and guiding you through the journey to a more comfortable, confident and dynamic life with better vision.

What happens during the Video Appointment?

Your appointment will involve an experienced Optometrist and a Patient Care team member:

  1. Asking detailed questions about your current eyesight and any problems you are experiencing.

  2. Taking a full medical history including any medications being taken, medical conditions or prescription medicines that may affect your eyesight or any proposed treatment.

  3. Asking you about your lifestyle and what you would like to gain from a potential treatment.

  4. Assessing your current glasses prescription and needs. Please have any glasses prescriptions or opticians reports to hand.
  1. Making an initial recommendation about whether you are likely to benefit from cataract/lens replacement or laser eye surgery.

  2. Detailing what the treatment involves, including before, during and aftercare.

  3. Explaining the benefits, including the expected outcome of treatment, and the risks of treatment. 

  4. Providing initial information around potential costs.

Following the appointment you will:

  • Receive a written report based upon the appointment.
  • Obtain a brochure about the proposed treatments.
  • Be provided with Consent literature regarding the proposed treatment.
  • Attend our clinic in Belfast prior to surgery for a complete consultation (including comprehensive scans and measurements) and a meeting with your Surgeon.
  • Receive an anticipated surgery date and look forward to enjoying your new vision in a very short period of time.