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Cathedral Eye Clinic is excited to be introducing Ireland’s first VisuMax Smile Laser Eye Surgery.  We have continued to strive to provide the Island of Ireland with the most advanced treatments possible to ensure the safest eye treatments to enable sports people to achieve the very best vision without the need for glasses.

We initially introduced the Schwind laser to Ireland and through this have obtained unparalleled visual results for the past 6 years. This has been done consistently without compromising our mantra to provide the safest way to achieve the best visual results.

Now by acquiring a VisuMax Smile Laser we are introducing to Ireland the first ever femto-only laser treatment to reshape the cornea without affecting the surface of the eye.

This means we can continue to provide the safest possible treatment but also one which provides unparalleled comfort and visual recovery, this should enable top class and amateur sportsmen and women to safely receive laser refractive treatment during the playing season rather than having to wait until out of season.

SMILE Laser Eye Surgery achieves the visual result of LASIK eye surgery, but without the risks associated with this procedure.

Innovative SMILE procedure from ZEISS successfully performed on more than 175,000 eyes

Micro-invasive refractive surgery becomes an established laser vision procedure for the correction of myopia.

ZEISS VisuMax® is significantly shaping the world of refractive surgery. This next generation laser system employs high-performance femtosecond laser technology and is characterized by its precision, high speed and gentle treatment technique.

Using ZEISS VisuMax®, ReLEx® SMILE is a single-step, all-in-one laser procedure is performed with gentle, low suction such that vision is preserved with no “black out” phenomenon, unlike other laser refractive procedures. A refractive lenticule is created in the intact cornea and removed via a small incision. No ablation. No flap. Minimally invasive.

ReLEx® SMILE is turning the world of refractive surgery on its head. Previously a side-cut of roughly 20 mm had to be created, whereas a small incision of less than 4 mm is sufficient in ReLEx® SMILE.

By choosing ReLEx® SMILE you will be making complete and exclusive use of the high-precision ZEISS VisuMax® device – and exploiting the benefits of modern femtosecond technology.

ReLEx® SMILE brings together a number of factors which clearly belong together: the entire laser treatment, consisting of lenticule creation and access, takes place in a single step.

2nd Generation Femto-LASIK with VisuMax and MEL90

3rd Generation SMILE with VisuMax

What is Smile?

Smile is short for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. It is a procedure that uses only one type of laser – the Femtosecond laser for the complete procedure.

In contrast, Femto-Lasik uses two different lasers – the Femtosecond laser to create the flap, and the Excimer laser.

The Smile Femtosecond laser is able to penetrate the surface of the cornea (the front part of the eye) without making any cut and focus on the deeper part of the cornea to carve out a shape called the lenticule.

A small incision is also made at one side of the cornea to allow access to this lenticule, and the surgeon is able to remove the lenticule from the cornea. Once the lenticule is removed, the overall shape of the cornea is altered and the prescription/power of the eye will be changed.

What are the benefits of Smile over Lasik?

In Smile, there is no corneal flap, unlike Lasik. When there is no flap, there is no worry about flap complications, for example, the flap moving or dislodging (which can occur in Lasik). Also, by not cutting a flap, we keep the cornea much stronger compared to Lasik.

This is especially relevant to those with higher powers or thinner corneas where a lot of the tensile integrity of the cornea is affected by the flap or the greater amount of corneal tissue that has to be removed.

The third advantage is the preservation of the corneal nerves. In Lasik, in the process of cutting the flap, we also cut a lot of the nerves, and these nerves help reduce post op dryness.

So in summary, by not having a flap, you get a stronger post operative cornea, decreased occurrence of dry eyes, and no flap complications.

And because only a small incision is made in Smile, the patient experiences less post op irritation and pain as compared to Lasik, where a big flap incision is made.

Is Smile better than Lasik?

In certain safety aspects, it is – no flap means no flap complications, and it maintains more corneal strength post op, compared to Lasik.

It is also more comfortable, the patient experiences less dry eyes (because more corneal nerves are preserved) and less pain after the operation

Vision-wise, results are similar to Lasik. Lasik has been around for a long time, and is a mature technology and procedure, giving good and satisfying visual results.

At the moment, Smile it is not available in Ireland, Cathedral Eye Clinic is the first in Ireland.  There are only a few eye specialist centres in the country that are currently offering this procedure.  That’s because it is the latest, state-of-the-art technology which requires new laser machines.

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Tyrone GAA's Tiernan McCann called in a couple of days before the All Ireland Final against Dublin, one year after he had the groundbreaking SMILE Laser Eye procedure.
Optical Dispenser Scott Wowed by New Vision
Tyrone GAA's Tiernan McCann called in a couple of days before the All Ireland Final against Dublin, one year after he had the groundbreaking SMILE Laser Eye procedure.
Tiernan Has Fixed His Eyes On Sam