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Cataract Surgery

Example Before Treatment Example After Treatment
Example Before Treatment Example After Treatment

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Benefits of Cataract Surgery Treatment

  • Greater clarity of vision and improved colour vision: Because lens implants are selected to compensate for existing focusing problems, most people find that their eyesight improves considerably after surgery but will need to replace their glasses. Reading glasses are usually needed after cataract surgery.

  • Improved personal safety: Improved clarity of vision substantially reduces your chances of experiencing falls or accidents.

  • New lease of life: Enjoy renewed confidence and a new lease of life with your corrected vision.

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I had dense cataracts on both eyes, so bypassing the long NHS queues I had cataract surgery on both eyes within two weeks. Extremely helpful staff and highly professional surgery team. Two days after the second eye surgery and everything is clear, sharp and colourful, also perked me up after getting depressed about not being able to see. I wish I had done it sooner. Highly recommended.

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Victor Hoy, Patient
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