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After having the surgery, it’s like another world. One where you don’t have to view it through glasses. It’s like I got my life back again.

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Jeanette Thompson

The sun light fell into the room from the window above the table and onto Jeanette Thompson’s smiling face, unable to disguise her happiness. The retired seamstress was delighted after having lens replacement surgery here at Cathedral Eye Clinic. Spending half her life in Spain, she has now taken control of her life again.

Jeanette’s eyesight had gotten so bad she was unable to even sew without a large magnifying glass. Her peripheral vision had been lost completely making even the simple task of crossing the road a frightening experience. She was always having to be conscious of needing the correct sets of glasses with her at all times.

On how she discovered Cathedral Eye Clinic, she said:

“I was referred by another laser eye clinic, hoping to get laser, but I was actually found to be unsuitable for laser treatment so they referred me to yourselves. The staff here were brilliant. Really friendly and great.”

After going through a thorough eye examination, Professor Moore recommended Lens Replacement for Jeanette and this was a bigger decision than she was initially prepared for. She admits it took her a full 18 months before she booked the surgery dates, stating:

“18 months it took me to build up the courage to get it done. I went to get all the tests done, but I backed down because it was my eyes. The final push was one night after having my glasses on all day it had caused my nose to just be raw sore. I was just really fed up with the glasses.”

Looking out the window, the weather was warm, bright and full of summer. The conversation moved over to how magnificent the day actually was and all the various places one could go on a day like that. An off the cuff remark about how it would be lovely to just pop on some sunglasses and head into town on a lunch break sparked a memory in Mrs. Thompson and the trouble she had with her prescription sunglasses.

“The trouble with my prescription sunglasses were that they were always long distance only. So the moment I went into a shop or if I wanted to do something, I had to pop them off and put my reading glasses on. After having the surgery, it’s like another world. One where you don’t have to view it through glasses. It’s like I got my life back again.”

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