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A Patient Guide to Care through the Cross-Border Directive

The EU-Wide Cross Border Directive allows EU residents to access health services – including cataract surgery – in any EU member state. If you face long waiting lists or don’t have access to specialist treatment, you can access treatment abroad and be reimbursed the cost of treatment. Click below to find out more.

  1. Are you a public patient in Ireland?
  2. Do you need treatment that is covered by the public health services?
  3. Are you on the waiting list? (If you are not on the waiting list and would like to take advantage of the Cross-Border Care, you can ask your GP or treating physician to write you a Referral Letter)

Our Clinic has been contributing directly to the well-being of a significant number of Irish citizens both through the Cross Border Directive and as private patients – mainly through the treatment of cataracts.

The pathway for patients through our Clinic is comfortable, kind and caring. Our patient testimonials support this assertion.

Our Patient Care Team takes great pride in helping patients from across the border – spanning all Provinces – through the Cross-Border Directive process to ensure the applicant meets all the relevant eligibility criteria and completes all necessary documentation to, ultimately, ensure seamless reimbursement from the Health Service Executive (HSE).

How it Works

Cathedral Eye Clinic Staff

Stage One: Get In Touch

Call Cathedral Eye Clinic on 01 431 1094 or email [email protected] Our dedicated Patient Care Team will talk you through the process and schedule a Consultation Contact your GP and ask for a referral letter, detailing the Consultants name (Prof. Johnny Moore/ Mr. Wing Chan / Mr. Richard Best/ Mr. Stuart McGimpsey/Mr David Armstrong)

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Stage Two: Consultation & Treatment

Visit 1: Consultation
Visit 2: Treatment Completed at Cathedral Eye Clinic
Visit 3: Post-op Appointment

Treatment Physician completes the pro-forma invoice

Stage Three

Stage Three: Reimbursement

Submit invoices & proof of payment to HSE within 60 days of treatment. Treatment costs are reimbursed by the HSE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is a public patient in Ireland (that is, anyone who is a resident of Ireland) is eligible. Private patients visiting a private GP or specialist will require a Referral Letter from a public GP or specialist.

Only patients seeking inpatient treatment need prior authorisation. It is completely free to apply.

No, you may also apply for treatment abroad by asking your GP or treating physician to write a Referral Letter.

The authorisation decision is usually straight forward and can take from 1 day to (on the occasional circumstance) 15 working days.

Any public or private medical facility in an EU or EEA member state – including Cathedral Eye Clinic.

The HSE does not pay the treatment costs upfront, but reimburses the patients who have received prior authorisation for treatment abroad.

Only treatment costs are eligible for reimbursement. Accommodation, travel costs, and meal allowances are not included. In some cases, the cost of the hospital overnight stay is also not included.

The maximum value of the reimbursement will not exceed the amount that the treatment would cost at a public hospital in Ireland. Prior to traveling, patients should find out how much their treatment abroad will cost and what their reimbursement rate will be.

You may choose to have only certain parts of your treatment performed abroad.

Helpful Contacts

Hear from some of Our Cross Border Patients

Larry Fogarty, Cataract Patient

Terry Lynch, Cataract Patient

John Casey, Cataract Patient

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