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Cataract Surgery for Dublin residents under the Cross Border Directive now known as Northern Ireland Planned Healthcare Scheme


The Cross Border Directive allows those seeking cataract surgery in Dublin to access treatment – fully reimbursed – at our Belfast based facilities. To be deemed suitable, patients must secure a valid referral and they must qualify for the same treatment as a public patient in Ireland. Following the upfront payment for Consultation and Surgery, Dublin based patients can claim full reimbursement through the Health Service Executive. It is important to note that CBD patients cannot claim reimbursement for travel costs or the cost of any medicine required post-treatment. Across each stage of the Cross Border Directive process, our clinical staff ensure that applicants meet all relevant eligibility criteria and complete all necessary documentation. Ultimately, we ensure that patients seeking cataract surgery in Dublin can be treated in our Belfast clinic, with seamless reimbursement from the Health Service Executive.

How Dublin Patients Can Qualify for the Cross Border Directive 

In order to be reimbursed under the scheme, patients must:

  • Be ordinarily resident in Ireland;
  • Be legally entitled to public healthcare in Ireland;
  • Not be in receipt of state benefits from any other EU or EEA member state;
  • Travel abroad (in this case, north of the border) to access treatment;
  • Receive a referral for public healthcare from a GP or hospital consultant in Ireland;
  • Provide a copy of the referral letter or hospital letter demonstrating that they are on a waiting list; and
  • Apply for reimbursement abroad (ie. south of the border) after they have paid for it.

How the Cross Border Directive Works

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Cataract Treatment for Cross Border Directive Patients: FAQs

Q. Who is eligible?
A. Anyone who is a public patient in Ireland (that is, anyone who is a resident of Ireland) is eligible. Private patients visiting a private GP or specialist will require a Referral Letter from a public GP or specialist.

Q. Who should apply for authorisation? What does it cost?
A. Only patients seeking inpatient treatment need prior authorisation. It is completely free to apply.

Q. Do I have to be on a waiting list to apply?
A. No, you may also apply for treatment abroad by asking your GP or treating physician to write a Referral Letter.

Q. How long does it take to be authorised for treatment abroad?
A. The authorisation decision is usually straight forward and can take from 1 day to (on the occasional circumstance) 15 working days.

Q. Which facilities can I get treatment from abroad?
A. Any public or private medical facility in an EU or EEA member state – including Cathedral Eye Clinic.

Q. Will HSE pay for my treatment upfront?
A. The HSE does not pay the treatment costs upfront, but reimburses the patients who have received prior authorisation for treatment abroad.

Q. Which costs are included in the reimbursement?
A. Only treatment costs are eligible for reimbursement. Accommodation, travel costs, and meal allowances are not included. In some cases, the cost of the hospital overnight stay is also not included.

Q. How much will I be reimbursed?
A. The maximum value of the reimbursement will not exceed the amount that the treatment would cost at a public hospital in Ireland. Prior to traveling, patients should find out how much their treatment abroad will cost and what their reimbursement rate will be.

Helpful Contacts

Those seeking cataract treatment in Dublin can avail of the following helpful contacts when applying under the Cross Border Directive:

  • The National Contact Point: The National Contact Point is the governing body, handling authorisation for inpatient procedures within the European Union, processing reimbursements on behalf of the Health Service Executive. Contact by email at [email protected], telephone at 056 778 4546, by mail at Cross Border Healthcare Directive Department, HSE Cross Border Directive, St. Canice’s Hospital, Dublin Road, Kilkenny.
  • The Health Service Executive (HSE): HSE’s website offers extensive information around application and reimbursement processes and other material around the Cross Border Directive.
  • Cathedral Eye Clinic: At Cathedral Eye Clinic, our expert Patient Care Team are on-hand to assist in finding specialists abroad, guiding you through the application and reimbursement process. Get in touch at [email protected] or give us a call on 01 431 1094.

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Are you an Irish patient in need of cataract surgery? Contact Cathedral Eye Clinic today to enquire about treatment cost reimbursement under the Cross Border Directive. Call us today on 01 431 1094