VisuMax SMILE Correction Video

The video below shows the VisuMax SMILE procedure making a refractive correction to one of our patient’s eyes. This is exactly what Professor Moore sees in the microscope, when the laser is in operation. As you can see from the video, it only takes a short amount of time to perform this procedure.



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Adventurous and sporty Optometrist Aaron had been wearing contacts since he was 13, until he had the groundbreaking VisuMax Smile Laser Eye procedure at Cathedral Eye Clinic. Read Aaron's comprehensive review of his experience.
Optometrist Can't Believe His Eyes!
Danielle Anne recently came to Cathedral Eye Clinic to have the groundbreaking VisuMax Smile Laser Eye procedure, and noticed a dramatic improvement in her vision just a few hours later. Danielle kindly wrote a few words to share her experience with Cathedral Eye Clinic and Medical Director Professor Moore.
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