Trial Contact Lenses: What do we use them for?

As part of our suitability consultations we can offer a trial with high quality contact lenses from Bausch and Lomb to simulate as much as possible what your vision would be like post-surgery, at no additional cost.

We offer a range of soft disposable contact lenses:

Daily Disposable: Biotrue ONEday

Biotrue ONEday lenses are made from a special HyperGel material, to replicate the eye as closely as possible.

  • Allowing amazing comfort and clear vision all day long.
  • Designed to maintain the open eye with as much oxygen required to keep the eye healthy and white.
  • Mimics the oily layer in the tears to keep the eye moist for comfort


Monthly Disposable: Purevision2 HD

  • Reduces halos and glare with their High Definition Optics making vision as sharp as possible
  • Special ComfortMoist Technology allows for comfort straight away and all day after
  • Good supply of oxygen through the lens to keep eyes white and healthy
  • Thin lens design allowing for easy handling


Even special lenses for astigmatism: Purevision2 Toric

  • Stable vision after each blink
  • Allow for 30 days clear vision and comfort
  • Made from a special material AerGel, this helps to keep the lens moist all day and prevent debris build up
  • Keeps oxygen at a natural level for white, healthy eyes


What if I am unsuitable for normal lenses?

Here at Cathedral Eye Clinic we specialise in Maxim CV semi-scleral lenses.

Ideal for patients suffering from:

  • Contact lens related dryness
  • Poor vision with sort toric lenses
  • Discomfort with normal corneal lenses
  • Keratoconus or irregular corneas


These special contact lenses are different to normal lenses. They are much bigger and made bespoke for each patient by 3D controlled computer technology. It rests on the white part of the eye and creates a pool of tears between the lens and cornea. This allows for

  • Best possible vision in compromised corneas
  • Improved signs and symptoms of dryness
  • Comfort



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