Treatments for the over 45’s


At Cathedral Eye Clinic we not only search for the best technology to help people over the age of 45 see better we also help companies to research to design better lenses.

Using the latest technology from the USA we have recently helped one senior Irish tennis player to regain and fine tune her skills after several years of struggling with a loss of ability to see clearly close up.

If you are also starting to have difficulty with close vision – Professor Moore and his team of highly trained and experienced clinicians will assess your eyes and determine a bespoke treatment which fits your individual needs and suits your eyes.

There are many options now to manage older patients eye needs. Not all of these options are the best and not all suit particular individuals. The key point is to understand each patients daily needs, their interests, their hobbies and sports etc.

Once there is an understanding of a patients needs we will then marry that with their actual ocular examination.  Ground breaking research using research tools developed at Cathedral eye clinic have demonstrated it is possible to predict accurately which patients are more likely to get excellent outcomes using different types of premium multifocal IOL.

This enables the clinician to more accurately decide on the best treatment to give the over 45 year vision which allows him or her to see without glasses

At cathedral eye clinic we will recommend what we know from our research to be the better treatment for you.

Don’t settle for less – your eyes are precious.

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