Transepithelial Excimer Laser

At Cathedral Eye Clinic we strive to offer the most professional service to our clients. Our main priority is with patient safety and health and this is why we would recommend Transepithelial laser eye surgery for those who are considering laser eye surgery.

Cathedral Eye Clinic advocates Transepithelial laser eye surgery – a revolutionary and non-invasive procedure whereby the cornea remains untouched by any instrument but is reshaped with incredible accuracy and tracking smoothness through our Schwind Amaris technology.  The Schwind Amaris is the only laser which is specifically designed to treat in this way.  This is the most powerful, safest and advanced excimer laser available today (the only system in Ireland) where treatment is administered through the surface of the eye i.e. no instrument touches the eye, no flaps are cut and no alcohol is used on the eye.  The surrounding epithelium is not damaged which means there is quicker regrowth and repair of the cornea post laser surgery.

The tracker and treatment are designed to ensure that no laser spot ever hits the same spot twice within a predefined period of time.  This way we can ensure that no heat is generated in the corneal tissue.  Only one of the reasons for exemplary stability in postoperative refraction and lack of postoperative haze.

This means one can get all the safety of LASEK and even more …  The final result – safer treatment and better, quicker visual results.  This is why Cathedral Eye Clinic advocate use of the state of the art Schwind Armis laser to manage our patients in the safest and most effective way possible.

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