Eyewear In Sport

Rachel Blair

Optometrist with Cathedral Eye Clinic



Vision is a crucial part of sport. Hand-eye coordination for ball sports and racket sports, precision vision and depth perception are incredibly important for sports like golf and bowls. In fact, lots of different sports require the best vision.

There is also the safety aspect, to protect your eyes. There is a lot of eye protection out there, but do we really consider it each time we take part in sport? Some examples are:

  • Physical protection from possible trauma; goggles for squash.
  • Protection from UV; wraparound sunglasses or UV protective goggles when skiing or cycling.


Ask your Optometrist for the most suitable glasses, contact lenses, tints or protective eyewear for your favourite sport.

What if you do have fantastic vision with your glasses?

That’s great, for some sports, but not practical for all! Your glasses wouldn’t last long while playing rugby for example. An alternative is contact lenses, giving you excellent vision without glasses sitting on your nose. Saying that, it’s a possibility that your contact lens can slip out on the field during a crucial part of the game, or your eyes are too dry. Of course, they are not advisable for swimming or water sports due to the risk of infection.

Many sports people are being held back from their full sporting potential by the need for glasses or contact lenses and the inconveniences they bring. Here at Cathedral Eye Clinic we provide different types of treatment, with a full suitability assessment you can find out what would be best suited for the sport you play. And don’t worry the most of our treatments have quick recovery time so you could be back training within only a couple of days!

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