Schwind Amaris total-tech laser

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Cathedral Eye Clinic has sourced and uses the most up to date equipment for LASEK surface laser treatment, additionally it now provides the potential to treat even without removing superficial epithelium, rather it can treat the cornea right through the epithelial surface without requiring alcohol removal. This further increases the speed of recovery and ensures that the treatment is a non-touch technique called a ‘transepithelial approach’.

The Schwind Amaris total-tech laser is unique to Cathedral Eye Clinic being the only one of its kind on the island of Ireland. It is the new generation of excimer lasers, redefining perfection in eye laser surgery.

The Schwind Amaris has unmatched high performance, thereby offering an extraordinarily high level of accuracy and is the first-and-only laser to combine all available state-of-the-art technologies in one system.

In addition to a standard laser the Schwind Laser has the ability to use topography guided treatments which are like a fingerprint of the eye using 1000s of corneal points to direct the laser with the utmost accuracy. The laser achieves a very high speed so the eye is exposed to laser for the shortest period of time once again increasing accuracy of treatment. The Turbo eyetracker takes into consideration pupil and limbus tracking, rotation balance and advanced cyclotorsion control. These features anticipate any movement in the patient’s eye. The eye position is checked 1050 times per second and reacts to eye movement within 3 thousandths of a second giving optimum patient safety.

These unique features of the Schwind Amaris total-tech laser ensure the perfect balance between extremely high speed and accuracy resulting in exceptionally smooth treatment surfaces. The Schwind Amaris laser is fast, strong, precise, and safe.

Research into the Schwind Amaris total-tech laser and the LASEK Procedure

Cathedral Eye Clinic has thoroughly conducted independent research into the accuracy, efficacy, safety and stability of the Schwind Amaris total-tech laser and the LASEK procedure. The quality of our own outcomes within our private clinic was superb and has proved that LASEK treatments carried out with the Schwind Amaris excimer laser were very effective.

We have published a number of research articles detailing the very positive results in prestigious ophthalmologic peer reviewed journals.

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