Santa Is ‘Optom’istic About Christmas

We were delighted to welcome Mr Claus into the clinic this afternoon for his annual eye health check.

Mr Claus said,

In order to make my around-the-world journey in one night, I need to make sure everything is properly prepared. The presents have to be packed and ready, the reindeer well-fed and rested, and all the last minute checks on the sleigh need to be completed.

However there is one other part of his preparation that he considers to be vital for a successful Christmas delivery.

When you’re flying through the snow, wind and rain you really need to have your wits about you. My eyesight is so important! When I have confidence in my sight, I can make sure we deliver the presents to the right boys and girls and at the right time!

Santa was checked over by Mr Andrew Spence, the lead optometrist at Cathedral Eye Clinic, who said,

After going through some thorough checks with Mr Claus, we can confirm that his eyes are in top shape for the Christmas delivery. We all feel very ‘Optom’istic about it!

Suddenly a surprise guest walked through the door. Tiernan McCann, Tyrone footballer, looked shocked as he saw Santa sitting in the seat. Little did we know, but Tiernan had found himself on the naughty list, due to some previous misdemeanors, according to Mr Claus’ little red book.


Mr Spence jumped in, and began providing a character witness for Tiernan, telling Santa about his many wonderful exploits, which included helping Tyrone rout Down in the Ulster final this year.

Santa agreed and Tiernan was no longer to be on the naughty list! Relieved, Tiernan can now relax and look forward to a great Christmas.

All-in-all, a very happy ending to Santa’s visit to Cathedral Eye Clinic.

Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy New Year!

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