Ricky Andrew

British Cycling’s Performance Director David Brailsford, recently noted that their recent success stemmed from the aggregation of marginal gains.

One professional rugby player who recognises the importance that small margins play in impacting a sporting performance is Ulster Rugby’s, utility back Ricky Andrew. A formidable full back who thrived last season as the last line of defence, Ricky had one area that caused him concern – his eyesight. A player who didn’t worry about performance on the big night, Ricky found the use of contact lens to be at times detrimental to his performance and so consulted with leading eye surgeons, Cathedral Eye Clinic based in Belfast City Centre, but providing clinics throughout Ireland.

Ricky added ‘I had considered laser eye treatment for sometime and heard about the benefits provided through the new procedure. Initially, I was anxious, but having spoken to Andrew and Jonathan, whilst conducting my own research I felt a lot happier.’

Cathedral Eye Clinic, through the use of a revolutionary laser eye surgery have set out to help those within the sporting arena. The use of state of the art technology will improve outcomes and the speed of recovery, an altogether safer form of treatment that works through the surface of the eye avoiding cuts to the eye and so helping those who play contact sport.

Andrew Spence, the lead optometrist within the practice said…..

It’s coming up to 3 months since Ricky had his procedure and he couldn’t feel happier with the outcome,

‘Its been nearly, 12 weeks since the surgery and I’m back playing full contact rugby with no side effects. The gIare previously experienced when driving at night is now non-existent , so I now look forward to playing under the flood lights, something that had previously concerned me. Through a number of post-surgery appointments, I now feel that I can focus on playing rugby and fulfilling my season goals’

Cathedral Eye Clinic, have built a practice through reputation and safety having been established by top surgeon, Professor Jonathan Moore. More recently Sport has become an important area of interest to the business, having sponsored the GUI ‘North of Ireland’ Amateur golf tournament this summer and currently working with the Belfast Giants amongst others.

The Cathedral Eye Clinic operates a ‘total care’ policy. This means that unlike others in the marketplace, the surgeon meets with the patient on a number of occasions pre and post op laser surgery. When it comes to eye care and laser eye surgery in particular, they never settle for anything less than 100% peace of mind and focus on the track-record and skill of the surgeon. CEC medical director Professor Jonathan Moore.

He has completed more than 13,000 operative procedures and takes an active role in researching eye related disorders in partnership with many leading academic institutions including Harvard Medical School, Boston.

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