Raymond White

If you are someone who wears glasses, contact lenses or have had eyesight problems, it can hamper your golf game.

But what if you were told about a solution, where you can enjoy your golf so much more?

Thanks to Cathedral Eye Clinic’s proven track-record, many golfers have found freedom from glasses and contact lenses has given their game a new lease of life.

Mind you – there’s no guarantee it will improve your golf – but you’ll be left with one less excuse!

As well as laser eye surgery for under 45s – Cathedral Eye Clinic offers multifocal permanent lens replacement for over-45s – a pioneering new procedure that offers a lifetime of freedom from glasses for the vast majority of all tasks at distance and near.

Professor Johnny Moore from Cathedral Eye Clinic explains:

“Laser eye surgery can be of real benefit to the young golfer who is keen to dispense with glasses while playing. In the older age group we have found that patients speak very positively about the positive results accrued from use of the multifocal lens technology giving the older golfer good depth perception and high quality all-round vision at both near and distance.”

One keen golfer who was fed up wearing glasses and contact lenses is Raymond White.

And now, as he enjoys his retirement, Raymond still has excellent vision, thanks to his multifocal lens exchange operation:

The 65-year-old said it was one of the best decisions he has ever made.

Says Raymond:

“I think if you want to enjoy your twilight years with good vision and reasonable health, well there’s nothing that gives you more enjoyment than being able to see things with clarity.”

“Golf is a past-time of mine and that is another area where I’ve seen the benefit. When you take your putter in your hand you can see the undulations of the green.”

“I could never wear glasses playing golf and you really lost sight of the flight of the ball. Now I can stand on the tee box and tell people where their ball has landed.”

“I certainly can enjoy the game much more, but now I’ve absolutely no excuses for my game – it hasn’t improved my putting!”

And it’s not just in his golf where Raymond’s life has changed.

He added:

“I’d say my eyesight now is as good as it was in my thirties, and the fact that it’s so natural, you’ve nothing to adjust – it’s there, it’s done, your eyesight is back the way it was 30 or 40 years ago.”

“I can now read the smallest line on an eye test chart – that is the same as a fighter pilot!”

“It’s all the tiny things in life too, the ability to pick up a screwdriver and work at something that is relatively small, where before you were looking for a magnifying glass.”

“The bonus of enjoying driving better is a big plus. Using a Sat Nav on holidays and glancing to it from the road when driving is no problem to me now.”

“All those things have been swept away by one operation. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to anybody, I would have done it 10 years earlier if I could have but the technology wasn’t there then, it’s developing all the time. I’m really in awe of Prof Moore’s surgical skills.”

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