Peter Fleming

Peter Fleming's Testimonial

Coleraine-based Presbyterian minister Peter Fleming recently sat down with us to talk about how his life has changed after having undergone Lens Replacement surgery here at Cathedral Eye Clinic this past April.

Peter’s main reasons for having had the surgery was to free himself from glasses to be able to see and connect with his congregation in a more meaningful manner whilst reading his sermons. Peter stated:

“I found it difficult to connect with people at the back rows if I couldn’t see them. I was also having to constantly pop my reading glasses on when it came time to read and then off again when I went to look towards the crowd.”

Along with his daily responsibilities, Mr. Fleming is a keen outdoor runner having participated in many marathons in his time. This has also contributed to his desire to be free from both contact lenses and glasses.

Peter enthused:

“I am an avid runner, especially in the woods. It’s good to be able to see the gravel on the ground – not just a big grey blur – and know where my feet are landing. It’s also convenient not to have to stop mid run and clean the dirt off my glasses.”

Mr. Fleming’s decision to choose Cathedral Eye Clinic to perform his procedure was based on the clinic’s reputation for medical excellence and professional care. He experienced first-hand our high level of ethics and care by helping to carefully choose the right procedure for him.

“My initial consultation was to see about getting laser done, but Professor Moore was very careful to spot the beginnings of cataracts in my eyes and helped me see that laser wasn’t right for me in the long run as I would still need to deal with that later on.”

When asked what he would say to those who are considering surgery he offered the following:

“If you are considering laser treatment or lens replacement come to Cathedral Eye Clinic. They provide a very good service and the end results are excellent. I felt they took time to take care of me. There is no question of that.”

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