Michelle McGrath

Travel enthusiast Michelle McGrath is always looking forward to the new places she can jet-set off to. The different food she might have, the different waters she might swim in, but most importantly the different sunset-filled horizons she will be able to see and enjoy now without the aid of prescription glasses or contacts.

If you ask Michelle about it, she might tell you it sounds cheesy to say that her procedure has changed her life, but she honestly couldn’t believe how much time in her day was focused on trying to find her glasses or organising her contact solutions in her bag for the day. She was amazed by the ability to simply get into her car the day after her procedure and go.

“I just couldn’t believe that in 24 hours I was driving without my glasses or contact lenses. It was just so fabulous.”

Michelle has found that after her procedure she not only has reclaimed space in her handbag – now void of protective cases and solutions – but also her confidence at work:

“With presentations, I have got back a bit more of my confidence with being able to see people further back in the room. I was just never overly comfortable wearing glasses and to have those restrictions removed is amazing.”

Michelle had visited many other laser eye providers, but decided Cathedral Eye Clinic was the provider for her after her first consultation.

“I didn’t feel confident coming out and realising I would be putting my eyes in their hands really, so I looked up online and found Cathedral Eye Clinic. The staff are really pleasant, helpful and accommodating. They tried really hard to work around me and my situation. That alone impressed me and then onward from there.”

After her consultation, Michelle booked her appointment for the SMILE procedure in April 2016. She was pleasantly surprised on the day to realise that she was seated in a room with a member of staff who was dedicated to simply only having a chat with her before and after the procedure.

Michelle proclaimed that,

“It’s great to have that kind of distraction. It put me at ease. They had a lot of time for my questions, and they took the time to reassure me and that was great. The surgery was over in no time and wasn’t as daunting an experience as what I thought it would be. Very much like going to the dentist, a bit of discomfort and other than that it was nothing. No pain, just a bit of pressure on your eye and that’s all. I was excited to see the results, literally! And by the next morning … I could. My sight was fantastic.”

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