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A Testimonial by Micheal Dillon

Through our patient testimonials we continually strive to effectively demonstrate how we change the lives of our patients every day of every week. Hopefully some of these stories resonate and help you or your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to become more assured, less afraid of the procedure and to be more confident about the experience.

Our latest personal story comes from Newry-based father of three, Micheal Dillon. It again highlights the quick, direct and highly tangible outcomes that we bring about through our procedures at Cathedral Eye Clinic.

The Struggle with Glasses & Contacts

Micheal, a Retail Manager at Primark Belfast and a well-recognised runner in the local and wider community explained to us his reasons for coming to Cathedral Eye Clinic in the first place:

“I have always had issues with my short sight. My glasses always broke, got lost or easily scratched. Plus the expense of 2 pairs every year, not to mention the appointments … do I want them tinted? Protected? etc… the costs kept going up!”

Looking back, Micheal was interested in laser eye surgery for a long time, but the costs and the fear of the operation were the main barriers to taking the plunge. Contact lenses just didn’t work for him. He continues:

“I tried contact lenses with disastrous results! Contacts put into the wrong eyes, falling out when putting them in, falling asleep with them and waking up with sore and dry eyes, plus the time it took sometimes to get them in!

Taking Control

In early 2016, Micheal took the plunge and commenced the research process into various Clinics and options for laser eye surgery.

“I decided this year to give it a go and Cathedral Eye Clinic seemed the best option after pricing around and receiving some strong recommendations.”

Micheal spoke about how he was made feel in the Clinic and about the procedure itself, stating that:

“From the first appointment, I was made feel at ease. The support team have been great and the operation itself? So easy, quick and no pain whatsoever.
Under half an hour and the perfect vision I’ve wanted for years has been achieved!

Immediate Life Changes

Micheal’s outcome was very clear and quick, with every aspect of his life impacted positively through the procedure:

“From work to a simple walk around town everything is so clear. I can pick any sunglasses I want now to drive, something more fashionable than what I was used to!

I work in retail management and having an eye for detail. Customer focus etc..is crucial. This has been made easier since the operation. I also use the PC a lot in work and I also had a tendency of leaving my glasses in the car so no more worries.”


Sub 3 Marathons & Marked Improvements to Sporting Performance

One key point that we make to our patients is the ability to get back involved in sports and activities rapidly after the procedure. Micheal’s sporting performance has also excelled and become much more comfortable since his experience at Cathedral Eye Clinic:

Micheal is a well-recognised runner in the local and wider community
Micheal is a well-recognised runner in the local and wider community

“I run a lot and always had issues making out signs, the time on my watch, judging distances left etc. Since I’ve had the operation I’ve ran 3 sub 3-hour marathons, a target of mine for the last year and a half or so. I have no doubt that my vision has helped me to achieve my running goals and although it is hard to explain, it has given me added confidence. My running just feels so much better!

It is so much easier to judge how far to go, when to push.  I’ve pushed too early before in runs and this has been mainly down to my vision.”

In summary, Micheal adds:

“This decision has been the best I’ve made in years. I would like to thank Cathedral Eye Clinic for this fantastic service. The aftercare team have also been amazing, such professionalism shown.

The Clinic has been integral to me in smashing the hat-trick of sub 3 marathons this year – the latest in Dublin in a time of 2 hours 54 minutes!   Thanks for everything!!!”

For a suitability consultation at Cathedral Eye Clinic, feel free to contact our Patient Care Team on 02890 322020 or email us at info@cathedraleye.com

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