Mark Whiteside

Mark Whiteside, a pharmacist from Belfast , recently sat down and told  us all about his revelations in sight after having undergoing not one, but two different types of laser eye surgery. Mark’s bespoke treatment of LASIK for one eye and the SMILE treatment for the other was performed back in April of this year.

Mark had always wanted to get his vision corrected ever since he was a child. He patiently waited for his eyes to mature and endured days in the pharmacy reading labels through contact lenses that would regularly tire out his eyes.

He goes on to say:

“Working at a pharmacy there are lots of labels and things on computers I need to read so I really need my eyes for that. Wearing contacts would really tire my eyes out trying to focus on stuff all day and after having the surgery it’s been absolutely painless.”

Mark knew he would be nervous about the procedures, but with the help of the friendly and attentive staff here at the clinic he knew he quickly overcame them.

“Everyone’s so friendly, keeping me very calm, relaxed and informed along the way. I was impressed by how attentive they were to customer service. It was just the smallest details – like how you even display the chocolates.”

Mark’s enthusiasm grew as he explained how he has had a new lease on life after having his procedures. He goes on to detail the practical things he felt he could never do, like swimming, and tells us of how every day events have become hassle free.

“It’s nice to actually be able to see in the shower for once. That’s something I have never been able to do without wearing glasses or contacts. It’s always been a blur since I was a kid. To actually be able to see the product labels so you don’t mix up the shower gel and shampoo is bliss.”

One simple google search was all that it took for Mark to find Cathedral Eye Clinic and take back his vision. After going through our website, Mark realised that our highly reputable surgeons are easily accessible – especially if any problems were to arise, giving him the confidence to go ahead and put his precious eyes in our hands.

When asked how he felt about the surgeries Mark concluded:

“It’s definitely worth it. I was at an age to get it done and you will notice a massive difference. There’s no problems – it’s painless. I had no side-effects what-so-ever after the surgery and my vision was 100% within a few days.”

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