What is Laser Eye Surgery? How does it work?

At Cathedral Eye Clinic, we offer various types of Laser treatments.

The three main types of Laser treatments are:

  • PRK

The video below provides an introduction to these treatments:


Cathedral Eye Clinic is excited to introduce Ireland’s first Zeiss VisuMax SMILE Laser Eye Surgery – using latest generation technology in laser refractive treatments.

SMILE is short for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. The surgeon only uses one type of laser (Zeiss Visumax) for the complete procedure.

The Femtosecond laser penetrates the surface of the cornea without making any cuts, and focuses on the deeper part of the cornea to carve out a shape called the lenticule.

SMILE has been successfully performed on more than 600,000 eyes and has become an established laser vision procedure for the correction of myopia

SMILE offers fast visual recovery and gentle treatment thanks to the small incision. Patients can, generally, return to leisure activity the following day.


This treatment involves two different types of laser:

1.The Zeiss Visumax laser enables us the create the corneal flap in the safest possible way. This minimises dry eye and flap complications.  

2. The Schwind laser delivers the treatment to change the prescription of your eye.  In addition to a standard laser, the Schwind Laser has the ability to use topography guided treatments, which are like a fingerprint of the eye using thousands of corneal points to direct the laser with the utmost accuracy. The laser achieves a very high speed so the eye is exposed to the laser for the shortest period of time, once again increasing the accuracy of the treatment.

Your eye is as individual as your finger print, and so by locking onto the individual appearance, the laser using the Turbo eyetracker takes into consideration the micro movements the eye has and tracks them precisely.

The eye position is checked 1,050 times per second, and reacts to eye movement within 3 thousandths of a second – giving optimum patient safety. 

LASIK enables a quick visual recovery. There is a minimum risk of flap related effects.

Most people are back driving by the next day.



Cathedral Eye Clinic advocates Smartsurface laser eye surgery – a revolutionary and non-invasive procedure, whereby the cornea remains untouched by any instrument but is reshaped with incredible accuracy, and tracking smoothness through our Schwind Amaris technology.  The Schwind Amaris is the only laser which is specifically designed to treat in this way.  This is the most powerful, safe and advanced excimer laser available today, where treatment is administered through the surface of the eye i.e. no instrument touches the eye, no flaps are cut and no alcohol is used on the eye.  The surrounding epithelium is not damaged, which means there is a shorter treatment time, improved treatment accuracy and speeds up the healing process.

PRK patients have a longer visual recovery, accompanied by some discomfort. Generally most people are back driving after 5 days. 

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Tyrone GAA's Tiernan McCann called in a couple of days before the All Ireland Final against Dublin, one year after he had the groundbreaking SMILE Laser Eye procedure.
Optical Dispenser Scott Wowed by New Vision
Tyrone GAA's Tiernan McCann called in a couple of days before the All Ireland Final against Dublin, one year after he had the groundbreaking SMILE Laser Eye procedure.
Tiernan Has Fixed His Eyes On Sam