John Carrigan

Growing tired of looking around for his glasses every five minutes John Carrigan would stretch to put them on for the last time in April 2016.  John decided to come to the Cathedral Eye Clinic for help with his vision, which had become so severe between the two eyes that reading for long periods of time or driving at night was proving difficult.

After reading many reviews and with Professor Moore being highly recommended, John booked his suitability assessment here at the clinic. He was then able to speak directly to Professor Moore who confirmed his eligibility for multi-focal lens replacement.

John’s journey from assessment to completion of both procedures was done in only 6 weeks. Now he enjoys reading infinitely and long drives at night with reduced glare. When asked if he had any hesitation in his decision to have his lenses replaced he responded by saying:

“Those who have never done it, of course, are always going to have an “Oh dear!” moment. We are talking about your eyes at the end of the day, so clearly there was some anxiety attached to it. However, in relation to the actual procedure I compare it much like going to the dentist. We are all familiar with going to the dentist for 20 minutes and leaving with a numb mouth, well if you come here it is the same thing, but for your eyes … and less painful.”

When asked how he felt about the service here at the clinic John enthused:

“I found the service to be absolutely excellent. The attention and care has been absolutely terrific. Everyone has shown the utmost professionalism.  From the moment you walked in through the door, to the hours after the surgery, a patient care representative was phoning you to see if everything was ok. Just the attention to detail and the after sales care was excellent.”

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