Joe Swail

Professional Snooker player Joe Swail has decided to have laser eye surgery to give his game the edge. The “outlaw” as his fans call him was once ranked in the top 10 in the world but faced a major obstacle with diminishing vision in recent years. His aim is to get back into the top 10 and believes a laser eye procedure will be an important factor in achieving this goal.

“I noticed my vision deteriorating when I started my professional career in 1991. My vision gradually got worse and I knew I would have to eventually do something about it”

Joe suffered from hypermetropia (long sightedness), meaning that he struggled to focus on objects at near, intermediate and far distance.

“Everything from 5 – 15ft was blurred making the game a lot harder than it already is. I also found that I couldn’t clearly see the different colours of the balls. My long potting was one of my strengths but as my vision deteriorated this part of my game became weak as I couldn’t see what was ahead of me.”

Professor Moore and his team examined Joe’s eyes and determined that they could correct his hypermetropia with the VisuMax procedure.

Commenting on the case, Professor Moore said “The VisuMax procedure is ideal for sports people such as Joe as there is a very short recovery period. The short recovery period means there is little interference with his practice so he should be able to get back to playing snooker 24 hours after his procedure”.

Speaking 24 hours after his Surgery Joe said “I didn’t feel any discomfort throughout the surgery, it was painless. I was happily watching TV a couple of hours after the procedure and 24 hours on from it I am ready to practice. The deciding factor for me was the recovery time with this new VisuMax procedure.”

Joe now has 20/20 vision and says “I can clearly see the balls at the far end of the table which means I will be able to develop my long potting and conceivably it will become a strong point of my game again.”

Joe is highly complementary of Professor Moore and his team at Cathedral Eye Clinic and continues to spread the good news to friends and family about his successful procedure.

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