James Stinson

James Stinson, a former motor journalist had relied on his glasses for years to compensate for his long sightedness. Wearing glasses had never been an issue for James until his short vision started to deteriorate in his early forties.

Having turned to varifocals for the solution to this problem he said “They didn’t fix my vision problems properly and the lenses were even thicker than those I’d been use to”. Having lost hope with solving his vision problems with glasses James contacted Cathedral Eye Clinic to see if they could help with his fairly unique circumstances.

“They quickly understood my eyes and what procedure would be most suitable for me. I was told that clear lens extraction would effectively fix my long sightedness but that I would probably still need reading spectacles. This was far beyond what I’d hoped or thought was possible.”

Clear lens extraction involves the replacement of the natural lens with a synthetic lens. A multifocal lens was chosen for James’s eyes which would give him good distance vision and intermediate vision and, some reading capability.

Commenting after the procedure, James said “There was some discomfort in the eye and my vision was slightly blurred over the first few days. Thereafter, it got better by the day. I had the procedure done on a Saturday morning and went back to work the following Tuesday. However, I did take it easy for the first few weeks until the eye had fully healed.”

James went on to talk about the improvement made as a result of the procedure “My long sightedness has, by and large, been fixed. I’m about +1 in both eyes now compared to +10 before the treatment. I hadn’t been to the swimming pool since I was at school but, just recently, I was able to take my two year old daughter for the first time. I couldn’t have done this before because I couldn’t see very much without my glasses.”

“I reckon that clear lens extraction has fixed 80% of my vision problems. Reading glasses now fix the rest. But, unlike before, I wear these only intermittently. They’re also a lot better looking and cheaper than the ones I used to wear.”

James continues to sing praise of Cathedral Eye Clinic staff to his friends and family “The staff were very professional and realistic about what they could do for me. I asked them lots of questions and they answered them honestly.”

To gain further information on the clear lens extraction procedure call Cathedral Eye Clinic on 028 9032 2020 or email info@cathedraleye.com

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