Jacintha Larkin – How The Bad Days Have Disappeared

‘Life Now Begins’

After having worn contact lenses for 30 years and suffering from weekly infections, Jacintha can now open her eyes confidently and see without pain in the mornings.

Due to Jacintha’s irregular shaped cornea, glasses didn’t work –  to see she had to wear a hard contact lens.

Jacintha came to Cathedral Eye Clinic to see if anything could be done: See the first part of the story.

Jacintha had surgery to place an intraocular lens inside her eye in early 2016, and now has perfect vision in this eye, which hasn’t deteriorated at all.

“The best thing is opening my eyes in the morning and being able to see. I have my confidence and independence back – although everybody has wrinkles now!

I’ve had to get used to places and people looking different from how I perceived them beforehand.

I used to think that water was invisible, but now I can see water – I couldn’t even see a glass of water before and had to use coloured glasses. Now I can see the glass and the water in the glass.”

Jacintha is so excited that she can confidently do everyday things that normal sighted people take for granted, like being able to eat and drink out in public. It makes life so much richer for Jacintha and safer – she is no longer banging into closed patio doors all the time!

“Our 16 year old daughter has noticed a difference too – she’s always asking me to order stuff online now! That used to be impossible.”

To sum up her vision, Jacintha says that she has,

“No more bad days, I now have vision that I love: stable and clear every day”

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