Hugh Morgan

Morgan Fuels MD, Hugh Morgan, is enjoying a scramble-for-glasses-free lifestyle after having his vision restored to panoramic proportions here at Cathedral Eye Clinic back in March 2016. Mr. Morgan recounted to us how he has been wearing glasses since the age of seven and that he has always had a strong desire to have his eye sight restored to its full potential.

His desire would send him on a lengthy search which spanned across the UK and over 5 different clinics. It was only until his friend made him aware of the expertise and skill of Professor Moore that he finally found a procedure and a clinic with the equipment needed to tailor specifically to his eyes.

Hugh stated:

“The reason I picked Cathedral Eye Clinic was due to my friend, John McCloskey. He told me if Professor Johnny Moore couldn’t fix it, no one could.”

After his initial assessment and quick consultation, Professor Moore was happily able to confirm that Hugh was eligible for lens replacement surgery.  After having his surgery, Mr. Morgan said he immediately noticed a world of difference in the little things – like being able to see the faces on his phone to feeling as though he had regained some more control in the running of his own business.

In his own words. Hugh said:

“When the mobile phone would ring I couldn’t even see the face without having to scramble for my glasses and at work I operate all the reports coming up on the computers or in print. It’s good to be able to read all the fine print without needing to hand it over to someone else to read it for me.”

Along with a passion for running his business, Mr. Morgan also has a passion for running and is an avid marathon runner. He found the recovery time of the procedure to be quick, allowing him to get right back to the sport he loves so much. Knowing how important this activity was to him, we asked if he had any hesitations before having the procedure performed. Hugh concluded:

“Any hesitation I had was surpassed by my need to see. I will tell you straight up – I have already recommended a friend of mine to Cathedral Eye Clinic because if you want to find a place to correct your eye problems, this is the place to come.”

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