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McCreery Makes A Big Racquet about Cathedral

A Testimony by Glenn McCreery

Glenn is a busy Dad of two young kids and a keen sportsman. His job as a medical sales rep sees him travel around the country meeting new and existing clients. In November, Glenn went through the SMILE laser treatment at Cathedral Eye Clinic and since then he has quite simply been loving the freedom from his glasses.

Glenn had been using contact lenses since his mid-teens, but then over the last few years he has been having issues with dry eyes and had given up on his lenses. So after 5 years of deliberating, researching the safest laser techniques and technology and reading previous patient experiences he decided to go for laser eye surgery at Cathedral.

Glenn felt comfortable with Cathedral Eye’s “very helpful and thorough team”. At all times he felt confident that he was always kept informed and the information about his aftercare was “clear and easy to follow”, so he had no worries when he got home. So relaxed was the Clinic that Glenn was content letting his little boy, Charles, tag along with him to his post ops. Indeed, young Charles took this as an opportunity to catch up on the latest episode of Planet Earth 2.

Charles catching up on the latest episode of Planet Earth 2
Charles catching up on the latest episode of Planet Earth 2

We sat down and asked Glenn what his experience of the treatment was like. He told us, frankly, that:

“SMILE was pain-free and I found there wasn’t much of a sensation at all during the procedure. Only for the first 4 hours after the surgery was there a slight bit of discomfort and my eyes watered a bit. Generally, though completely painless!” 

Glenn was absolutely delighted when he saw Andrew, one of our Optometrists, the day after the surgery and was given the go ahead to drive. He was somewhat amused that his vision was reaching the fighter pilot standard – let alone the driving standard – only one day post op!

Glenn was determined to make the most of his new-found freedom and was back playing tennis just a couple of days after his treatment. He enthused:

tennis“No discomfort and no problem. It’s great…. The bright flood-lit court was a little hazy to start with but I got used to it quickly and soon forgot about it.”

Glenn is loving his new clear, contact free vision. All aspects of his life have changed for the better. He can now enjoy playtime with his two young kids, particularly embarking on a bit of wrestling with his little boy – without glasses on! He’s also finding it great for work. Spending 2-3 days away from home, driving and travelling, is so much more convenient when not having to worry about glasses or contact lenses. From a sporting perspective, it has been an excellent outcome for Glenn with his performance and comfort levels in playing table tennis, golf and tennis improving greatly!


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