Gerard Gargan

Gerard, a Quality Control manager at Delta Packaging, was getting frustrated with having to constantly clean his glasses when at work and suffering from dryness when wearing contact lenses. He wanted freedom from all of that.  So with a great recommendation from his own workplace boss and some background research on our surgeon Professor Moore he decided to book a suitability consultation with Cathedral Eye Clinic to see if his wish was possible.

So armed with a cup of tea and an informative consultation he knew Gerard was delight to hear that there was a chance of freedom from his glasses and contact lenses.

Rachel the optometrist who did my initial consultation answered all my questions very comprehensively.”

The next step was meeting and discussing the procedure with his surgeon Professor Moore, whom he had researched…

“Based on my research it is clear that Professor Moore is renowned for his expertise and has a-heck-of-a-lot of experience.”

After that Gerard was keen to book for surgery straight away. We asked Gerard how he felt when he was coming in for his surgery,

“I wasn’t nervous at all until I stepped through the door, but everyone put me at ease!”

After a short recovery Gerard was back to the dusty work environment that caused the strife between him and his glasses, but now he was glasses free! No more constant glasses cleaning along with all the other new found freedom.

“Not having to reach for my glasses in the morning. Enjoying the simple things, like watching TV without glasses on… Everyday life is now just easier.”

Congratulations Gerard we are all delighted for you!

Next Steps

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