Erika Reitter


Erika Reitter, one of our very own staff members has been experiencing freedom from glasses after having the SMILE procedure a few months ago. On reflection, SMILE was a truly life changing experience for Erika, who depended fully on her glasses for short sightedness.

As front-of-house receptionist, Erika had been listening intently to first hand experiences from patients having corrective eye surgery done at Cathedral. The excellent results achieved and the consistent exclamations from patients saying, “I wish I would have had it done earlier in life” prompted Erika to take the opportunity and go for the treatment. Of course, having worked closely with Professor Moore and the team, Cathedral Eye Clinic, was always going to be the only choice for her.


From the initial consultation – where she was delighted to find out she was suitable for SMILE Laser surgery – Erika was fully determined and focused on investing in the procedure.  She enthused:

“Having worked at the clinic and seen the expertise, care and attention of Professor Moore and his clinical team, I had no hesitations. During the surgery and then the aftercare, I couldn’t have hoped for better or more professional treatment.”


It worked very well for her employers (ahem) as well, as Erika was back at the Cathedral reception desk a bit later the following day – showing the commitment and ethos of the Clinic staff . She was absolutely thrilled with her vision then and continues to reap the tangible benefits today – a life without glasses or contacts.

For Erika, the biggest benefits for her are:

“Waking up in the middle of the night and being able to see and not have to search for glasses. Being able to do all the everyday, mundane things which people take for granted such as going for a walk on a windy day, going to the gym and swimming. And even something as simple as being able to close and rest your eyes without having to take out lenses first (although never at work – Ed ).”

“SMILE is pain free, quick and the results literally have to be seen to be believed. My clear advice is: Don’t hesitate, it will change your life.”


When you come for an appointment, it is highly likely that Erika will greet you at the reception desk. Feel free to have a chat and ask her about the experience. We understand fully that when investigating if the SMILE laser procedure is suitable for you it can be helpful and reassuring to talk with someone who has gone through the procedure already. Erika is more than willing to answer any questions you would like to ask about her SMILE procedure experience.

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