Deborah Johnston


Deborah Johnston has been enjoying the practical, life-changing benefits of having recently undergone the latest in refractive laser eye surgery at Cathedral Eye Clinic in the last two months.

Deborah, a primary school teacher and keen pianist, chose Cathedral Eye Clinic due to the reputation of the Clinic and the high levels of knowledge, confidence and trust she placed on her surgeon, Professor Johnny Moore.

The main driver for Deborah in opting for laser eye surgery was, in her own words:

“Removing the hassle of having to wear contacts all the time … the daily worry about how long they have been in and the ongoing cleaning of them.”

Deborah was convinced that the procedure was perfect for her in achieving this aim due to the fact that it is a quick and comfortable procedure which allowed her to get back to the gym and the swimming pool within 24-48 hours.

Enthusing about the tangible and life-changing results of the procedure, Deborah points to the details:

“From a leisure perspective, going to the gym and pool is now much more convenient. At work, I have the added delight of seeing each of my pupils more clearly. Even at home, it is the small differences that spring to mind … being able to see the numbers on my microwave much easier and better!”

Deborah found the process of having the laser eye treatment at Cathedral Eye Clinic extremely comfortable, hospitable and caring, stating the overall service was,

“Excellent and very accommodating to me as a patient.”

When asked about advice to those who have considered such a procedure, Deborah was quick to conclude:

“I would recommend laser eye surgery at Cathedral Eye Clinic for anyone out there who is weighing up whether to ‘take the plunge’. I didn’t think about it too much. I simply just went for it, got it done and have immediately been seeing the positive results.”

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