Adrian McLaughlin

Adrian McLaughlin

Carton House Hotel manager gets new eye-sight thanks to surgery at top Irish clinic.


THERE is little point running a cosmopolitan chic and contemporary cool 4 star hotel if you can’t see its full beauty. Now after having corrective eye surgery for short sightedness Carton House general manager Adrian McLaughlin is seeing the 1,100 acre hotel in its resplendent glory. Adrian, from Drumbaragh, Kells, Co Meath, has probably one of the best jobs in the Irish hospitality trade. He is responsible for the day-to-day running of a beautifully restored historic mansion which has been discreetly converted in to a modern luxury destination – the first of its kind in Ireland.


Carton House has glass walkways, curving corridors, vibrant canvasses and fashionable upholstery which have been sensitively incorporated in to the design and layout of the bright interior. The hotel retains the most important jewels of its original character while its walls whisper the many stories of bygone times. The four-star sprawling complex is just 20 minutes out of Dublin in the historic town of Maynooth, Co Kildare. It can complement all tastes and all customers with two championship golf courses, a leisure centre with a pool, a Spa, tennis courts, state of the art conference facilities and a purpose-built events centre.


No doubt running such a large hotel is a challenge but Adrian has been served up with a new set of eyes thanks to Professor Jonny Moore and his staff at the Cathedral Eye Clinic in Belfast.


And as he admits himself, it has also drastically improved his family life – without having to wear glasses any more.


Professor Moore and his team examined Adrian’s eyes and discovered he needed Bilateral surface laser for correction of myopia – or short-sightedness. Speaking about why he wanted to have the procedure carried out, Adrian said: “I really wanted to improve the time I could spend with my kids surfing, skiing, golfing and other things we do together


“It has allowed me to partake more fully in these activities and remove the daily hindrance caused by wearing glasses all day long.” Family life and sporting activities apart, Adrian is also seeing the benefits of the surgery while running Carton House.


“My work involved a lot of observational time which continues as before when I had glasses. The surgery has been a huge benefit to my daily work at the hotel.”


Adrian is highly complementary of Professor Moore and his team at Cathedral Eye Clinic and is already spreading the good news to others.


“Since I had my surgery I have already recommended Cathedral Eye Clinic to others. A friend of mine, Judith Storm, has had a successful outcome after her surgery.”


Professor Moore said: “I know Adrian hosts the top sports teams at his hotel, but ironically his new vision is helping him to partake in more sports himself with his family.” We are always delighted to hear how our work can change the lives of others.”

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