11 Dimension Eye-Scan

11 Dimension Eye Scan

The 11 Dimension Eye-Scan examines your eyesight across 11 dimensions and will determine your suitability for various treatments, many of which are exclusive to Cathedral Eye Clinic. We are a professional team that’s committed to offering freedom from glasses and contact lenses for life – regardless of age.

Our clinical screening processes utilises cutting edge multi-million pound technology and also serves as an early

detection indicator for the onset of glaucoma, cataracts and many other specialist eye health conditions. Where the eyes are often referred to as ‘the mirror of the soul,’ there’s no substitute for peace of mind and the many advantages of having your health checked out.

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Tyrone GAA star Tiernan McCann discusses his laser eye surgery one month on, and explains how some of his team-mates 'tested' out his eyes!
Tiernan McCann - One Month On
"I wish I had the procedure earlier, it has made such a big difference to my life"
Clare Murray